Building a Dialogue Between Feminist, Post- (De)Colonial And Bourdeusian Studies to Analyse the Production And Negotiation of Difference in A World on the Move: The Case of Brazilians in London


  • Angelo Martins Jr


Drawing on research with Brazilian in London, which combined 18-month ethnography in places of leisure with 33 in-depth interviews, this articles builds a theoretical framework, through a dialogue between feminist, post-(de)colonial and Bourdeusian studies, in order to analyse the production and negotiation of difference in a globalised world. e article argues that a dialogue between (black) feminist, post and de-colonial theory, and a more exible and multi-varied approach of the work of Pierre Bourdieu, analytically developed in migration studies by Abdelmalek Sayad, proves to be useful to analytically address how people are constantly producing and negotiating difference in a ‘world on the move’.

Key words: Post-colonial Bourdieu, Brazilians in London, Black feminism, De-colonial studies