The Transformation of a Young Continent: Dimensions of Africa Rising


  • Wanjiru M Gitau PhD. Research Faculty St. Thomas University, Miami-Gardens, FL


In the past, there has been agreement across board concerning Africa’s malaise. Therefore, winds of change that have been occurring over the last two decades are noticeable, and a new narrative has been replacing the earlier jaded perspective. A light is being focused on the new generation of Africans driving technology, culture, education, and entrepreneurship among other areas, shifting the continent from earlier marginalized perspectives, to a new world which other regions are courting for business opportunity. What is the nature of the transformation that has given a boost to the continent? Broadly, this newly reinvigorated perspective is referred to as Africa rising. It is a conversation that is still taking shape. This paper contributes to the discourse by outlining the changes that have occurred. It begins by exploring the continent’s jaded historical background, explores change in the political space since the 1990s, which in turn created an environment that intersected with the revolution in information technology to enable an economic turnaround. Lastly, the paper explores the ongoing demographic transition, with a particular emphasis on the continent’s young population as the vital driving force into the future of the continent.

Key-words: Africa, social change, youth, technology.

Biografia do Autor

Wanjiru M Gitau, PhD. Research Faculty St. Thomas University, Miami-Gardens, FL